Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 video test

This is a Apple iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8: Side-by-side HD video comparison. I think N8 is way better than apple when it comes to its camera

How to Disassembly Nokia N8

A short video tutorial on how to Disassembly your Nokia N8 phone. As you can see, it's not that hard...

HD Movie shot with N8

Nokia N8 Presents - "The Commuter" from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

Software Update OS for N8

It seems that the long awaited Software update OS for N8 is here. And it's ever more than that. It's a new OS called ANNA. Anna OS was made due to clients multiple complaints regarding Symbian ^3 problems.

The new OS for Nokia N8 ANNA provides homescreen scrolling, better internet browsing, QWERTY onscreen keyboard for portrait orientation, new iconography and better OVI Maps.

It will be available for download in the following months. Subscribe to our feed in order to get the latest news

Nokia N8

The Nokia N8, Finnish mobile giant Nokia's high end smartphone, has attracted a lot of interest since its release last year. The phone boasts the best version of Symbian yet with a more interactive interface and a better browser than any other Nokia smartphone yet.

What sets the phone apart from the competition though is its camera. The Nokia N8 has probably the best camera on any phone on the market currently, it boasts 12 megapixels, has the biggest image sensor out of all its rivals and, with f/2.8 aperture and 5.9mm focal length, it is a camera that beats many of the cheap digital cams on the high street.

This domination in terms of camera phones has not gone unnoticed and it has been revealed that photographer Jason Hawkes will use the N8 to undertake his new aerial photography project.

Hawkes has in the past photographed countries such as Norway, Colombia, Morocco and the USA from the sky and his latest task is to take photos of Great Britain using a phone, the N8. Hawkes spoke of the use of having a good camera with him all the time on his phone, praising the Nokia N8 for its ease of use.

Hawkes said "My main attraction to this project was they say that the best camera you have is the one you have on you. I don't always have my camera equipment with me but I always have my mobile and the N8 has a 12-megapixel camera with truly amazing image quality.
By its very definition, aerial photography is very difficult to do, so we're pushing the limits of this camera as far as we can go."

John Nichols, of Nokia UK, added: "HD Horizons is the most exciting challenge yet for the Nokia N8, but we are always looking for new ways to push its capabilities."

If you are wanting to look at the specification of a Nokia N8 visit

Opera for Nokia N8: the best browser

If you're looking for the best Internet browser for N8, we, at N82-Download have the solution for you. We have tried many Internet Browsers for N8, but the best of them all is definitely the Opera Browser for Nokia N8. It has so many cool features that are way better than the default browser on N8.

new features:
* Line Set.
* Share option.
* Pinch to zoom.
* Support for HTML5
Download Opera Mobile for N8

Free TV with Nokia N8

The software used to watch free TV on Nokia N8 it's called SPB TV. It allows quick and easy access to 150+ live channels. You can preview channels, access picture-in-picture mode and TV guide. There is no subscription fee.

Check for SPB TV in OviStore

Nokia N8 DropBox Free Software

Nokia N8 is an amazing phone, but its biggest downside is the OS. Symbian is so poor when it comes to available apps that it's almost frustrating for an hardcore user like me. That's the main reason there is no Official DropBox application for Nokia N8. Fortunate, there is a third party app that allows you to connect your N8 and your dropbox account. It's called WiDropBox and works like a charm. With this free app, you can upload and download files on your DropBox account. This file can be found in Nokia Store, so just search for WiDropBox. Another mobile client for Dropbox is cuteBox

Nokia N8 Free video calling

I wasn't pleased to hear that Skype does not have video call support for Nokia N8. It messed up the day because I was really hoping to have video calls with my friends on this amazing gadget. It seems that the Skype video-calling for Symbian is still under construction, so we need to use an alternative. There are many free apps out there that allows video call function, but FRING is the best. Along with video calling, it allows you to connect to your other chat platforms: MSN Messenger®, GoogleTalk™, AIM®, ICQ® , Facebook® & Twitter.

Fring ( is the groundbreaking mobile communication service that gives users internet-rich communication from their mobile phones. fring members make FREE video calls, voice calls, live chat to other fringsters and to friends on other social networks.

Fring leverages the mobile phone's internet connection to create these communication experiences. fring is available on all major Smartphones, on any mobile operator, and any mobile internet connection (3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE).

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