How to share Internet on Nokia N8

I love my Nokia N8, and when I first got it I was really frustrated because I could not share my Internet connection with my laptop. iPhone has this option, but I could not find it in my N8. That's when I decided to look for a solution and I found the best N8 app in this case: JoikuSpot

This is a nice free app that allows you to share your internet connection with other devices. The free version does not have many features, but if you decide to get the full version of it, you will get cool features like WPA protection and user management. I've used it and it's amazing. Just search "JokuSpot" in Google.

Nokia N8 Skype video call issue

I was really disappointed when I installed Skype on my Nokia N8. Why? I'm going to start directly with the problem.

Nokia N8 does not allow video calling on Skype. Don't get me wrong, the voice calling works perfect, but there is no way you can call someone on Skype.

It seems that this is not a problem just for Nokia N8, but for every Symbian phone out there. Skype developers thought that the Symbian platform is not that interesting, so they never made a version of Skype that allows you to make video calling. These being said, you understand our pain. We can't use this function. Of course, there is an alternative: Fring.

How to replace case on Nokia N8

There are many reasons you need to open the case of your Nokia N8. Maybe you need to replace the battery, maybe you need to replace the case. Either way, this video shows you how to disassembly & assembly this amazing phone.

Voice translate for Nokia N8

If you're looking for a free and intuitive app that allows you to translate text to text or text to speech, Voice Translate is the perfect software for that. It has support for few languages and the speech has authentic accents. It should work on other Nokia devices. You can download this  free N8 app from Nokia Store.

Dropbox for Nokia N8

Dropbox is a really nice platform that allows you to store files in Cloud-like storage. It's been around before every cloud system there, and I'm using it ever since. Once a file is uploaded to Dropbox, it can be accessed from every devices connected to that Dropbox account. Of course, for that you need a client. In a previous post, I wrote about Dropbox for Nokia N8. Although there is no official app for Dropbox, there are alternatives. cuteBox is a nice Dropbox mobile client for your smartphone, and you can find it in Ovi Store. Here is a video about it:

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