Nokia N8 common problems and fixes

Although this blog is mainly about Nokia N8 best free apps, I like to believe that I'm going to help my readers in any possible way. Next, I'm going to list the most common problems encountered in Nokia N8, and how to fix them.
1. Slow web browser

the problem:
Many users reported poor Internet experience when using the default Nokia N8 browser. The browser is too laggy, it randomly crashes, it's not that fast on 3G.
the fix:
You can install an alternative browser like Opera. It's fast and easy to use, it has great multi-tab support.

Nokia N8:Best free Apps

Hello friends, I'm sorry for not writing for some time. Last month was a mess, but now I'm back with a new gift for you: the best free apps for Nokia N8. Instead of giving you the download links, I thought it would be more interesting to share this video I found on Youtube. Here is the list with the best free apps you can download for free for your Nokia N8. If you have other cool apps suggestions, just write them here. In order to download these games all you need to do is check the official marketplace for Nokia. I will not insert the link here, but you know how to access it.

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