N8 Youtube Video Downloader

With this app it's really simple to download Youtube Videos on your Nokia N8.

You have the option to download videos in more than one resolution - MP4(360p), MP4(720p) and MP4(1080p) depending on the quality of the original video.

N8 Youtube Video Downloader is free but data connection may be required for any additional component to be installed.

How to Soft Reset Nokia N8

In case you need to hard reset Nokia N8 phone due to various reasons, here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Select call and type in *#7730#
2) Press the power key and select Offile Profile
3) Call again to *#7730#
4) Confirm Hard Reset

This will remove all the information you have stored on your memory (internal memory and 16 GB memory). The N8 Soft Reset operation can take up to few minutes depending the amount of information you have installed on your cards.

Here is an alternative way to master reset the phone

Free Photo Apps for Nokia N8

Joyeye Lite Touch

This free photo app can be upgraded from Joyeye FX. If it's not working that way you'll have to unninstall everything and start over. Visit download page to see more about this N8 application.
Download it from Ovi Store

ShutterPro Preview Edition

This free app for N8 is an extended photo app that allows you to experience full power of Nokia N8 camera. With SutterPro you can take amazing pictures and you can add special effects to them like tilt-shift or color filters. The software allows facebook upload!
Download it from Ovi Store

Nokia Panorama

I just love this N8 free photo software. As you can see, with Nokia Panorama you can take high-quality smooth landscape panormic images with your phone. The software combines multiple photos in order to create a wide panoramic picture.

Download it from Ovi Store

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