Nokia N8 common problems and fixes

Although this blog is mainly about Nokia N8 best free apps, I like to believe that I'm going to help my readers in any possible way. Next, I'm going to list the most common problems encountered in Nokia N8, and how to fix them.
1. Slow web browser

the problem:
Many users reported poor Internet experience when using the default Nokia N8 browser. The browser is too laggy, it randomly crashes, it's not that fast on 3G.
the fix:
You can install an alternative browser like Opera. It's fast and easy to use, it has great multi-tab support.

Nokia N8:Best free Apps

Hello friends, I'm sorry for not writing for some time. Last month was a mess, but now I'm back with a new gift for you: the best free apps for Nokia N8. Instead of giving you the download links, I thought it would be more interesting to share this video I found on Youtube. Here is the list with the best free apps you can download for free for your Nokia N8. If you have other cool apps suggestions, just write them here. In order to download these games all you need to do is check the official marketplace for Nokia. I will not insert the link here, but you know how to access it.

General facts about Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is one of the most interesting smartphone released by Nokia. It moves quickly, easily, it has good screen, graphics accelerator and one of the best camera phone available. You must understand that N8 runs on Symbian, and Symbian is not what it once was. Although Nokia's downfall made it difficult for the company to regain its fanbase, I still belive N8 is one of their greatest achievements.

Nokia N8

Design is not its most important benefit, but neither an obstacle. The phone looks pretty good, normal for a touchscreen terminal, and finish are above average and this is normal for Nokia. I love the aluminium version of it. The terminal is thick, double the iPhone 4 and much thicker than the Galaxy S. Probably included technical features like graphics accelerator are to blame for this problem. Buttons on the side are ok, volume buttons, camera and card access jacks, memory card, HDMI. Charger jack is standard Nokia's slim, does not comply with European directive with mini USB. Overall, Nokia N8 looks good, can be put on the table at any restaurant and not be ashamed about it.

Nokia N8 hardware

I think Nokia N8 is the high-end phone of the moment because it actually combines several technologies that are present in some competing mobile phones, but so far none have them all together. AMOLED screen looks great and it provides really good images even at 360 x 640 pixels resolution. While not retain or Super AMOLED display, the difference is minor. My opinion. 3.5-inch diagonal already seems a little super-smartphone, yes, even the iPhone 4 still seems small. Already it is time for 4 inches, going from 3.7 to 3.8, seems ok. I speak from the perspective of online experience, video and video games.
The screen has proximity sensor, it will close when you are in conversation to extend battery life. HSPA technology has 10Mbps download, 2Mbps upload depends on the network, some will go very well. The phone has WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI. Although it is a super-multimedia phone, the Nokia N8 does not features DLNA - wireless technology that allows a clip (or camcorders) to run on a compatible TV without wires.

ARM Cortex Processor 11-680 MHz is probably the only weakness of the phone. I had positive experiences in applications and games - but you can feel the scroll is much slower that iPhone's - not even as fast as Windows Phone 7. It's frustrating sometimes. It's the only phone with graphic accelerator, Broadcom GPU, made in 2007. It should be noted and Bluetooth 3.0 and 16GB internal memory card.


Nokia N8 is an interesting gadget and I like it more than other Nokia models. If you want to get this phone know this: if you're not into photography it's not worth it. Buy an iPhone or a Galaxy S2. Finally, it is a decision of taste, passion for multimedia and financial resources. If you do not want to go on Android or IOS it seems too dark (as I consider myself), then N8 Symbian is a logical choice. Symbian Belle is pretty clean, but it runs slower then the other two alternatives.

How to share Internet on Nokia N8

I love my Nokia N8, and when I first got it I was really frustrated because I could not share my Internet connection with my laptop. iPhone has this option, but I could not find it in my N8. That's when I decided to look for a solution and I found the best N8 app in this case: JoikuSpot

This is a nice free app that allows you to share your internet connection with other devices. The free version does not have many features, but if you decide to get the full version of it, you will get cool features like WPA protection and user management. I've used it and it's amazing. Just search "JokuSpot" in Google.

Nokia N8 Skype video call issue

I was really disappointed when I installed Skype on my Nokia N8. Why? I'm going to start directly with the problem.

Nokia N8 does not allow video calling on Skype. Don't get me wrong, the voice calling works perfect, but there is no way you can call someone on Skype.

It seems that this is not a problem just for Nokia N8, but for every Symbian phone out there. Skype developers thought that the Symbian platform is not that interesting, so they never made a version of Skype that allows you to make video calling. These being said, you understand our pain. We can't use this function. Of course, there is an alternative: Fring.

How to replace case on Nokia N8

There are many reasons you need to open the case of your Nokia N8. Maybe you need to replace the battery, maybe you need to replace the case. Either way, this video shows you how to disassembly & assembly this amazing phone.

Voice translate for Nokia N8

If you're looking for a free and intuitive app that allows you to translate text to text or text to speech, Voice Translate is the perfect software for that. It has support for few languages and the speech has authentic accents. It should work on other Nokia devices. You can download this  free N8 app from Nokia Store.

Dropbox for Nokia N8

Dropbox is a really nice platform that allows you to store files in Cloud-like storage. It's been around before every cloud system there, and I'm using it ever since. Once a file is uploaded to Dropbox, it can be accessed from every devices connected to that Dropbox account. Of course, for that you need a client. In a previous post, I wrote about Dropbox for Nokia N8. Although there is no official app for Dropbox, there are alternatives. cuteBox is a nice Dropbox mobile client for your smartphone, and you can find it in Ovi Store. Here is a video about it:

Top 2013 Apps for Nokia N8

It's June and I'm still on my N8. I love this phone so much that I can't express it in words. Here are some cool apps that I've downloaded for my N8 in 2012. SO... I present you Top 2012 Free Apps for Nokia N8:

Yahoo Messenger
It was about time. Before this free app, I've used Nimbuzz in order to connect to my yahoo messenger account, but now we can all enjoy this stand-alone app that allows you to chat with your yahoo contacts.

Solar Charger
It's time to amaze your friends with this app. Just download and install this app from Ovi Store and charge your phone using solar power. Of course this is not for real, but it's damn cool to prank your friends with it. This app is amazing if you want to start a conversation.

SBS Blue Theme
This is a damn cool theme, especially if you use SBS Shell. It contains graphic for design and backgrounds.


This free app allows you to creat funny and animated screens on your Nokia N8. You can use a template or creat your own. You can download it for free on Ovi Store.

Symbian Belle firmware update

After long, long time... Nokia finally decided to release the long awaited update for Nokia N8: Symbian Belle.

Symbian Belle on Nokia N8 demonstration

This is beta software Symbian Belle demonstration. The final version will have more changes. Nokia have done well with UI / UX, very clean and easy to use. The phone workes steadily, rapidly and without any problems.

Nokia N8 EMF Anti-Radiation Shield

If you've read this blog before you know that I'm a skeptic. Particularly about online shops marketing pro-health and welfare merchandises. I have explored various websites and I've gathered information on Cellphone EMFs and their negative results of cell phone radiation. That was in part the reason I had headaches and I was fatigue at that time. So I have invested a small amount of money in the EMF Anti-Radiation Protector strip. You can imagine how I felt when I discovered that I no more experience head/eye aches and fatigue. Everything was gone!!!

I'm astonied and I want to share with you that this little strip made a huge difference in my life. I advice you to invest in this anti-radiation-shield rather than whatever you were about to buy for $10.

BTW: This radiation shield does not improve the battery life of your N8. But that's nothing equated to no longer having headaches and tiredness.

Click here to see more info on the product

Grid Touch - Free App for Nokia N8

If you've updated your OS to Anna and you're still not pleased with your N8's interface you can install Grid Touch free from Ovi Store. It allows you to organize, find and launch your favorite apps really fast. It moves a lot better than N8's native inteface. Supports zoom in/out function.

Symbian Belle Preview

Although Symbian Anna was just released, a new video leaked with the next N8 operating system: Symbian Belle

Homescreen, Widgets and Notifications Bar

Photo Gallery

general features:
  • More homescreens
  • Improved status bar
  • Modernised navigation
  • New apps
  • Informative lock screen
  • Visual multitasking

Read all the features of the new OS on Nokia website

Anna for Nokia N8 is released

This is the official demonstration of Symbian Anna running on the Nokia N8 at the Nokia Connection 2011 in Singapore. I have talked about Anna a little in the past. Although it's just released, people started roumors about the next Symbian OS: Belle

Symbian Anna main features:
- Virtual portrait QWERTY for fast, one handed typing
- Split screen view while typing; so you can see message threads, webpages, contacts or email
- An easier to use and faster browser, delivering quicker page loads and improved navigation
- Refreshed Nokia Maps including simpler search, new public transportation routes and the ability to check-in to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or local social networks
- A feature to share your location via email and SMS (even to non-Nokia phones)

Nokia Announce Their First 1GHz Phone

Since the launch of the iPhone, Nokia has struggled to regain their place as the number one mobile phone brand. With reported losses of £427 million in the second quarter of 2011, the Finnish brand is doing everything they can to try and claw their way back up the smartphone ladder. It has been well publicised that, from late 2011, all their smartphones will run on the Window Phone 7 operating system, and this month saw the announcement of Nokia’s latest offensive: their first Symbian-powered 1GHz mobile phone.

Dubbed the ‘Nokia 500’, the new handset has been called ‘the world’s fastest affordable phone’. As well as the impressive 1GHz processor, the device will have a 5-megapixel camera, a music player and a FM and Internet radio. It will also come preloaded with a wide range of entertainment apps including Shazam Encore, Lonely Planet guides and Gig Finder, as well as the social networking heavyweights like Facebook and Twitter. The phone will also feature the latest version of Nokia Maps, which is optimised for social networking and features pedestrian and vehicle offline navigation with voice guidance

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