Hello friends, I'm sorry for not writing for some time. Last month was a mess, but now I'm back with a new gift for you: the best free apps for Nokia N8. Instead of giving you the download links, I thought it would be more interesting to share this video I found on Youtube. Here is the list with the best free apps you can download for free for your Nokia N8. If you have other cool apps suggestions, just write them here. In order to download these games all you need to do is check the official marketplace for Nokia. I will not insert the link here, but you know how to access it.

1. Snaptu
This free app is the mother of all apps, because it allows you to access multiple apps from its dashboard. You can read news, post a link to Facebook and even see the weather. Pretty cool, right?

2. Grid
I wrote about this app in a previous post. Although in the meantime it was retired from Ovi Store, you can still try your luck and search for it. Who knows, maybe they reincldued it. The apps is great in so many ways: it provides a new main screen for Nokia N8, it allow you to access all the apps really fast, it's intuitive and faster than N8's default main screen, it's futuristic and fresh.

3. Skype
No smartphone is cool without a way to talk to friends via Internet. Skype is probably the leader of Internet calling. Skype for N8 does not feature video calling, but you can still use it for messages and audio calling.

4. Swipe
This app provide a way to write messages in a cool and unique way.

5. TuneWiki
This app allows you to listen to music with lyrics in new and entertaining ways.

6. Heart rate monitor

If you have other proposal for my Nokia N8 Best free apps list, let me know. Also, check Top 2012 Apps for Nokia N8